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    Rodney Harrison rips NFL for making the game 'soft'

    NFL safety Rodney Harrison is not happy with the NFL's new rules. Here are some of his comments:
    (Note: NFL officiating czar Mike Pereira joined the show earlier to defend the new rule changes.)
    "It's crazy. You've been taught since you were six and seven years old to finish the play."
    "Football is supposed to be a man's sport."
    "The game is going to slow down and it's going to get softer."
    "It's like patty-cake right now."
    -- Harrison doesn't think that Tom Brady thought Bernard Pollard put a dirty hit on him. "I feel like Tom is a second-effort guy," Harrison said. "He's a guy who doesn't give up on plays."
    -- Harrison says the one rule they should get rid of is the chop block. Harrison doesn't mind if Hines Ward hits a guy up high. Harrison just doesn't like the low hits.
    -- Harrison said he couldn't change the way he played. Harrison said he had been taught that way and doing it forever.
    -- Harrison said at this point in time he's a free agent. He said he's going to decide what he's going to do in the next couple of months.
    -- Harrison said Brady is one of the slowest quarterbacks in the NFL. But he says Brady is a better QB than Peyton Manning.

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    I'm a huge Harrison fan, and I agree with him. What are they going to do next, outlaw blitzing altogether?
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