I would like to talk to a salvage yard owner about this law. Seems the "clunkers" must be crushed - but what are the details?

Lot of perfectly good parts won't be allowed into the salvage line as I read it. That's not in any way green, nor helpful to people needing to keep their old cars going. Nothing about this program has been green though; it's been a carbon output positive system from the start with good feelings making up the difference for that bit. Then you have the stimulus bit - seems to be popular there, though I wonder how many of these new buyers will make all their payments.

Worst, imo, is otherwise free market minded people are finding themselves looking at their paid off cars and seeing how an older one that much is suddenly worth 10X its value. Sure, just this one time they'll take a welfare handout, as its for the good of the country.

Hell of an indoctrination program. What's next?

Yeah, I admit, I looked, my old truck is about 5X its sale value. I sure can see how it's tempting. Not in the least interested in participating in this, just wondered how bizarre it was.