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    Week 13 results, regular season standings, playoffs, and much more!

    The regular season has ended and the playoffs are set. In this week we saw the Swamp Critters barely sneak into the playoffs with a 2 pt win over OneTimeK9, and the Fluffnuggets fall out of the playoffs thanks to a loss to essex thunder. The Cripplers almost had a huge come from behind victory against the Junkyard Dawgs, but when all was said and done they couldn't pull off a victory, but still finished 5th in the standings to clinch a playoff spot. The playoffs are set and ready to go, but first, the week 13 results.

    Game 1
    OneTimeK9 74
    Swamp Critters 76

    Game 2
    Mikes Cardinals 72
    Reca 84

    Game 3
    Fluffnuggets 66
    essex thunder 95

    Game 4
    Minnesota Maulers 132
    Zygi's Love Boat 110

    Game 5
    Junkyard Dawgs 112
    Carolina Cripplers 108

    Current Standings
    *1. essex thudner 10-2-1
    *2. Minnesota Maulers 9-3-1
    *3. Junkyard Dawgs 8-5-0
    *4. Reca 6-6-1
    *5. Carolina Cripplers 5-6-2
    *6. Swamp Critters 6-7-0
    7. Fluffnuggets 5-7-1
    8. Mike's Cardinals 5-8-0
    9. Zygi's Love Boat 4-9-0
    10. OneTimeK9 4-9-0

    *clinched playoff spot

    This season's Biggest Fantasy Blowout - by week

    Week 1
    OneTimeK9 over Reca +32 pts

    Week 2
    Reca over the Cripplers +60 pts

    Week 3
    essex thunder over Mike's Cardinals +18 pts
    Fluffnuggets over Swamp Critters +18 pts

    Week 4
    Junkyard Dawgs over Cripplers +54 pts

    Week 5
    essex thunder over Swamp Critters +67 pts

    Week 6
    Reca over essex thunder +36 pts

    Week 7
    Cripplers over Zygi's Love Boat +67 pts

    Week 8
    essex thunder over Junkyard Dawgs +55 pts

    Week 9
    Mikes Cardinals over Zygi's Love Boat +56 pts

    Week 10
    essex thunder over Cripplers +49 pts

    Week 11
    Maulers over OneTimeK9 +46 pts

    Week 12
    Zygi's Love Boat over Reca +38 pts

    Week 13
    essex thunder over Fluffnuggets +29 pts

    Congrats to essex thunder who had the most blowout games of the regular season with 5.

    Playoff Schedule

    essex thunder and the Minnesota Maulers have a first round bye.

    Game 1
    Carolina Cripplers
    Yahoo's predicted score shows Reca defeating the Cripplers 96-95. When these two meet in the regular season it is always a highly discussed game with plenty of mud slinging and trash talking. Considering Yahoo has the teams almost identically matched, and we're now in the playoffs, this game has the potential to be especially wild

    Game 2
    Swamp Critters
    Junkyard Dawgs
    Yahoo has the Swamp Critters picked to defeat the Dawgs by a score of 91-86. This game is also expected to be very close and considering the Dawgs have a title to defend, they'd better bring their "A" game.
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    bring it!!!! oh, and matt schaub and michael turner, take this week to heal please, so you can continue to carry me on my run to the championship
    in the warriors code there's no surrender, though his body says stop, his spirit cries...NEVER. deep in our souls, a quiet ember, knows its you against you, its the paradox that drives us all. its a battle of wills, in the heat of attack, its the passion that kills, and victory is yours alone.

    the posts and opinions stated by me do not in any way reflect the values, beliefs, or views of my department. they are simply opinions and/or observations which have been developed through my personal experiences. hell, most of the stories probably arent even true...wink wink



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