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    Championship Results

    This week the #5 seeded Carolina Cripplers took on the #2 seed Minnesota Maulers in the Championship game. This brought two O/R fantasy football legends back in a replay of the first championship game, in which the Maulers won.

    The game was never really close and was easily won by the Cripplers by a score of 134-101. The Mauler's didn't have any players have an especially good week whereas the Crippler's had a huge game from Roddy White which sealed a decisive win.

    This rivalry goes back to the first season where the Cripplers never beat the Maulers. Their Championship win this year is their first victory over the Maulers, ever.

    The Crippler's championship win marks the end of the season, and the end of an era. The manager of the Cripplers (Terminator) has said he is not only stepping down as O/R site owner, but also from his place in the O/R fantasy football league.

    See ya next season!
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    Congratulations Brad! Great season guys. Looking forward to next year!
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    Congratulations to the Terminator! Way to ride off into the sunset in a blaze of glory!



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