does anyone out there have a program to drastically increase your bench press?

when i was in high school, i was tall and skinny, and was benching 135lbs one time. i was 6'2, 150 lbs or so myself at that time. i hit college, played college soccer and rugby, got in the gym with a our trainers, and in 4 years pushed my bench up to 300 lbs and grew to be about 230 lbs. the first year i made the most drastic gains, going from 135 lbs to 225 lbs relatively quickly, and i tacked on about 25 lbs a year to the bar after that. there was a scientific bench program that i used to get there. it was calculated from your one rep max, and you would do a certain percentage of that weight for a very specific number of sets. it was incredibly effective. i was putting on 20-25 lbs every 8-10 weeks or so at first. im looking for something similar to that, if anyone happens to have a good program.

sadly, since having my kids, my bench press one rep max has fallen to about 240lbs and my weight has fallen to 220ish, but its a little sloppier 220 than i want (not a lot sloppier, just enough to get me down though). i i really want to get my bench back up to around 300 lbs or so. even if i could hit 275 lbs and plateau'ed out from there in a few months id be thrilled. i googled some bench programs, but they all cost money, and im not sure if they are what im looking for. i dont want to pay for a program that i know someone out there has for free.

i know some of you guys are putting up some major weight. if anyone has something similar to this, let me know.