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    Unruly fan clubbed, tasered by officer at Pirates baseball game while other fans yell; video posted to youtube

    A fan at a Pittsburgh Pirates game was tasered and repeatedly clubbed by police Saturday night, according to an Internet video, with fans chanting and screaming.
    Scott J. Ashley, 41, of Friendship, Pa., was arrested at the Pirates' game at PNC Park. and charged with four misdemeanors, including public drunkenness and resisting arrest.
    The video shows two officers taking at least six swings at Ashley, tasering him before clubbing him in the neck, head, side and legs. He was eventually cuffed on the concourse floor.
    "We both feared for our safety," city detective Francis Rende wrote in a criminal complaint, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The other officer is named Lebella, but no first name was given, according to the paper.
    Pirates team spokesman Brian Warecki said that police were forced to intervene because the man appeared to be drunk and antagonized fans in his section. He refused to cooperate with stadium ushers to who asked him to leave and, at the outset of the video, shoves an usher before police intervene.
    The video begins as a stocky bald man, apparently Ashley, escorted by police down the stadium steps. When Ashley tried to high-five another fan while leaving, a PNC employee -- Travis Skibiel, according to the police report -- appears to put his arm up to try and block the high-five. Ashley elbowed the man in response; Ashley then threatened to kill Skibiel, according to the report.
    Then, the action began, with Ashley tasered and beaten, while fans began screaming and taunting police.
    It isn't visible in the video, but Rende claimed in his report that people were spitting and throwing drinks on the officers.
    "We were being surrounded by the drunken fans and finally got the actor up and took him to the security office," Rende wrote. "All the while facing the wrath of a very hostile crowd."
    More here: Video Shows Pittsburgh Police Hit Baseball Fan At PNC Park - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh



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    Too many witnesses............and it's on video.
    As today's police officers you are not unlike your counterparts of years past. You are an elite group of select members, a brotherhood of highly trained professionals, who are called upon to protect your community in a time of need. Guardians for safety. Being a police officer is not for the faint of heart. You must be honest, trustworthy and fearless in the face of evil. You are being watched everyday. Represent yourself, your department and the shield, for it should always be the embodiment of all that is good and justly. You are the thin blue line. Be proud, be tough and be safe.

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    I'm not gonna comment on the force. I don't know what their policy is about baton strikes to the shoulders, head, and neck in this situation.

    That being said...why the love taps? Those strikes didn't have much behind them. If you're gonna strike someone, especially in those areas, give it enough gas to get the job done the first time and without the need for reapplication of strikes.
    "If anything worthwhile comes of this tragedy, it should be the realization by every citizen that often the only thing that stands between them and losing everything they hold dear... is the man wearing a badge." -- Ronald Reagan, in the wake of the deaths of 4 CHP troopers in the Newhall Incident, 1970

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