Jordan Metzl thought he’d be running in his 30th marathon today. Instead, the sports medicine doctor is jogging through the streets of storm-ravaged Staten Island to deliver relief goods from a backpack.Metzl, 46, received the news two nights ago that the New York Marathon was being canceled because of the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy last week.“Our first reaction was it’s a shame and then we wondered what can we start to do to help,” said Metzl, a physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. “Let’s run into Staten Island.”Staten Island was one of the hardest hit areas when Superstorm Sandy reached New York, accounting for about half the city’s 41 fatalities.By 1 a.m. yesterday, Metzl, who still hadn’t taken off his white coat after work, had helped create the New York Runners in Support of Staten Island on Facebook. When he awoke in the morning, the site had more than 3,000 hits.
Today as many as 500 runners, wearing orange and carrying backpacks stuffed with essentials such as batteries, prepaid mobile phones, gift cards, baby wipes, personal hygiene items, medicine, garbage bags, hats and gloves, traveled on the 8:30 a.m. ferry to Staten Island.
N.Y. Marathoners Run to Help in Storm-Ravaged Staten Island - Businessweek