In an attempt to catch and eventually deter addicts who steal painkillers, the New York Police Department will start stocking pharmacy shelves with decoy pill bottles containing tracking devices.
The decoy pill bottles appear to be sealed bottles of oxycodone, a powerful narcotic painkiller that is widely abused, according to a copy of prepared remarks that the police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, is scheduled to make on Tuesday. The bottles will not actually contain any painkillers. Inside each bottle, however, will be a GPS device that will allow detectives to track thieves in the interval immediately after a robbery or burglary.
“We would anticipate the burglar and robber will take numerous bottles, and among them will be the bait bottle,” the department’s chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said.“We would like to get all 1,800 pharmacies in New York City to sign up,” said Mr. Browne, adding that the department hoped to have the program in place by March.