Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline is chasing the American Dream but not on the football field.
With the ink still wet on his $31 million contract that he signed with Miami this week, the 26-year-old revealed on Wednesday that he has returned to his native Ohio to work the drive-thru at a convenience store he co-owns with a friend in Columbus.
'Someone's gotta work it, so I'm here working it,' he explained about his off season hobby, to a pair of shocked radio hosts during a phone interview.

In the phone interview, Hartline admitted he wasn't keeping track of league happenings because he was otherwise engaged.
'Today I'm kind of busy. I'm working a drive thru right now up in Ohio and freezing my butt off,' he said.
In his radio interview, the Ohio State grad explained that though his day job in the NFL might sound idyllic, his real goal in life is to own a business.
'It's the American Dream. Owning your own business,' he said.
That dream took root when Hartline and Malka bought the Smart Stop Drive-Thru this January.

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