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    Pregnant boys featured on billboards discouraging teen pregnancy

    “Pregnant” boys with bloated bellies and sullen faces are popping up in alarming ads across Chicago buses and trains, part of a city campaign to reduce teenage pregnancy.The images, with the tagline, “Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are,” aim to shock, said Brian Richardson, a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Health.
    While shocking, the images of the pregnant boys aren’t new. They were first used in Milwaukee in 2009, for a similar campaign with a slightly different tagline: “It shouldn’t be any less disturbing when it’s a girl.”

    That campaign was credited with a subsequent 10% drop in Milwaukee’s teen pregnancy rate, according to the nonprofit ad agency that created the images.

    While most reaction to the campaign has been positive, some commenters on the health department’s Facebook page worried the ads are disrespectful towards the transgender community.

    Read more: Boys, not girls, are pregnant in Chicago
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