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Thread: When to work out?

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    When to work out?

    For those of you that have a somewhat regular work out schedule. When do you work out? Before, after or during work hours? Only on days off?

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    Work out most days off, and for the last several months, have tried to work out at least one day of each work stretch (we work 12s, so the longest stretch is 3 days). Key is to balance some recovery days... Usually, work outs on the clock are about 30 to 40 minutes, often high intensity circuit stuff. Days off lately have included 30 to 60+ minutes of cardio (usually mixed between stationary bike, treadmill and elliptical) and about 30 to 60 minutes of weights. That's often a more varied program; sometimes circuits, sometimes more traditional program.
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    For me it depends lately. At the start of the year, I did P90X. So that was 6 days a week. I would either workout before work, on shift, or after work, depending on my on duty gym time schedule, and my sleep schedule. Once I finished that, I now do a more casual workout regimen. I generally get gym time twice a week, so I take advantage of that and mostly do an upper body lifting routine. I mix in an off duty workout here and there, and again the timing of that depends on my sleep. In general my philosophy is do it whenever you can do it. I don't buy into the thinking that you need to have your workout at a certain time in your day. I think it's more important to just make sure you get your workout in, period. I think more time should be spent making sure your eating is right than worrying about when to workout. Like Jks said, recovery is an important consideration, but to me more so, to me, in deciding what kind of workout to do. Muscles need time to recover. So don't work chest two days in a row because you are all geeked up to build your chest. Always skip at least a day before coming back to a body part. This week I had gym time at work on Monday and Wednesday morning. With the day off between, I did work chest, tris, and shoulders for both workouts. Now on the day in between, if I wanted to get another lifting day in, I could have done bis, back, and legs. Then I'm not bombing anything two days in a row. Sometimes I use the P90X schedule of which body parts to work, but instead just do more traditional lifting of the certain body parts for that day. That way I can hit it hard if I want to, but give my muscles time to recover after a hard workout before bombing them again. And again, try to include healthier, smarter nutrition with ANY workout plan. Without good nutrition, you are wasting a lot of your effort. I've lost around 34 lbs of fat, while gaining strength and a little bit of muscle. My body looks like the muscles are about the same as before, but now it's mostly muscle that I see, and not fat covering smaller muscle. So the diet is my biggest success so far, honestly.
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