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    Term's Weekly Wrestling Review

    Here it is, the debut edition of "Term's Weekly Wrestling Review." I'll review wrestling for the week, discuss storylines, news and rumors, and answer any questions. I'll cover WWE (Raw and Smackdown), ECW, and NWA-TNA.

    First, let me start off by saying wrestling is a big part of my life. It has always been a secret fantasy of mine. I always said that if the po-po job didn't work, I'd be a wrestler. I've been watching wrestling religiously for about 25 years. I have some inside information, when it comes to the business, as you will see, however my sources will remain anonymous. Just consider me your resident LEF wrestling expert.

    WWE Raw

    This week on Raw, the fued between Randy Orton/Edge, and DX (Degeneration X) continued. In a hilarious segment, Orton and Edge came out dressed like DX. Though it was rumored that John Cena would join DX (for a DX vs. NWO fued), it now appears those plans have been scrapped, as Kevin Nash has re-signed with NWA-TNA. DX badly needed some new opponents, as the DX vs. McMahon fued was bled dry. I think this will be an exciting fued, and look forward to what will happen. Will Orton and Edge be able to destroy DX?

    In an awesome debut, Cryme Tyme beat up on the Spirit Squad in a non (tag team) title match. Cryme Tyme (JTG and Shad Gaspard) got a great fan reaction for such a new team, the're young and new faces, and they wrestled pretty good. I look forward to them stripping the Spirit Squad of the tag team titles. After the Spirit Squad lost, Kenny (the standout member of the Spirit Squad) stormed off, claiming he was not going to be associated with a bunch of losers. It appears the disbandonment of the Spirit Squad is near. I expect Kenny to start wrestling in singles competition, where he will do well once he has some experience under his belt. Kenny will be the best to come out of the Spirit Squad.

    An excellent 4-way match for the Intercontinental Championship, between Chris "I lost 40 pounds of muscle in a couple months" Masters, Super Crazy, Shelton Benjamin, and the champion, Jeff Hardy. Hardy to retained the belt, after pinning Chris Masters. Hopefully the WWE will find a storyline and sense of direction for the three (not including the champ) when these 4-way championship matches are over. Masters has been on a major downslide since coming back to action (not too mention a major musclemass loss), Super Crazy has been successful since coming over from Smackdown (and has even built up some repoir with the fans), and the Shelton Benjamin racism angle continues...even though I don't like it. Shelton is an oustanding athlete and wrestler, and his talent is being wasted.

    Carlito made quick work of Rob Conway (whose gimmick gets changed every week), who'd just returned to Raw from Sunday Night Heat status.

    Umaga beat the living bejeesus out of Steve-0, and Chris Pontius, of Jackass fame. Umaga has become an impressive force. Let's hope they continue to use him correctly. Soon, they will have no choice but to advance him to main event status.

    HHH, of DX, pinned Randy Orton. Again, this is just continuing the DX vs. Orton/Edge fued.

    Overall, Raw is my favorite wrestling show of them all. This past Monday was a solid show, with plenty of storyline advancement.

    WWE Smackdown

    Although it hasn't been televised, Smackdown is taped on Tuesday nights, and therefore, I am able to give you the results. So, if you don't wanna know what happens on Smackdown this week, skip over this section.

    New wrestler, MVP came out talking smack about the big red machine Kane, which led to an impromptu match. MVP was disqualified after hitting Kane with a low blow. Is it me, or does MVP look like a Power Ranger? Anyway, all this build up for Smackdown signing MVP, and so far, he's sucked.

    Elijah Burke defeated Vito after Sylvester Turkay interfered. The whole dress gimmick with Vito is getting strange.

    Regal and the debuting David Taylor defeated Scotty Too Hotty & Funaki. It appears the WWE still doesn't know what to do with Scott Taylor, AKA: Scotty Too Hotty, nor Smackdown's #1 announcer, Funaki.

    Chavo Guerrero defeated Rey Mysterio in a Loser Leaves Smackdown I Quit Match. Mysterio ended up hung upside down from the Titantron scaffolding and Guerrero was beating his leg with a chair. Rey finally quit. So, it appears this is the end of Mysterio on Smackdown. What's next...time off, a switch to Raw, or ECW? I know one thing...I am glad that this fued with Rey and Chavo is over. I think they need to leave the late Eddie Guerrero out of this.

    Undertaker defeated the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms. Helms is a very good cruiserweight wrestler, and due to the lack of competition, he is being stuck in with the heavyweights. Having him destroyed by bigger guys every week, is causing a lack of credibility to his championship. They need to give him a storyline, stick with it, and give him some cruiserweights to wrestle. Helms is also a class act. I used to live within 15 minutes of him, and saw him numerous time around town. He is somewhat quiet, but polite, and friendly.

    Batista defeated WWE World champion King Booker by disqualification. It seems they keep bracing for Batista to beat King Booker, and regain the World Heavyweight Championship. They need to do something quick, as this fued is becoming stale.

    The WWE is bracing themselves for a Champion, versus Champion, versus Champion match at Cyber Sunday, In November. Their has been a lot of inter-promotional (WWE Raw/WWE Smackdown/ECW) action lately. I think at this point, a match like this might be a mistake, especially considering one championship will be on the line. This will be a bad way to ruin one show's championship credibility.

    To me, Smackdown is the worst wrestling show on tv.


    The Sandman defeated your least favorite teacher, Matt Stryker, in a singapore cane on a pole match. These two have advanced their fued every week, and I look forward to it continuing.

    Test destroyed Balls Mahoney. Test has continued to impress me, since his wrestling return. He will be a force to be reckoned with, in ECW.

    Sabu defeated "The Reject," Shannon Moore.

    CM Punk once again claimed victory, and Mike Knox came down to the ring to confront him, but backed down. This fued is coming to a head, and I cannot wait. The buildup for this has been excellent.

    In the main event, Rob Van Dam, pinned the Big Show, after a little help from the returning Hardcore Holly. Holly hit Test with the chair, then proceeded to slam Big Show, with it, setting him up for a Van Dam 5 star frog splash. It appears Hardcore Holly willl fued with Test. With his victory over the Big Show, RVD is gauranteed a title shot against the Big Show.

    ECW is becoming better and better every week. No, it is not the old ECW, but you never should have expected that anyway. ECW has their first, exclusive pay-per-view (since WWE took them over) in December, called "December to Dismember." I am looking forward to it. It will be a big test to determine if ECW can make it on their own.


    This week's Impact taping is not until Thursday, however I'll give you a preview of what's in store this week.

    TNA management has plans an announcement, in reguards to Samoa Joe, and his refusal to return the NWA Championship back over to the champion, Jeff Jarrett.

    Kevin Nash will hold a press conference, in reguards to the “Kevin Nash Open Invitational X Division Gauntlet Battle Royal” at “Bound For Glory”. It appears now that Nash has re-signed with TNA, he will continue his storyline with the X division.


    This will be the final Impact, before TNA's biggest pay-per-view ever, "Bound for Glory." "Bound for Glory" will also be the TNA debut of Kurt Angle (though only in an enforcer capacity).

    Wrestling News and Rumors:

    -Stone Cold Steve Austin was backstage at this past Monday's Raw. Stay tuned for more on this.

    -WWE recently sent TNA Wrestler Kurt Angle a legal letter, with numerous demands. All of the demands are unknown at this time, however some have to do with his finishing moves, and wrestling nicknames.

    -NWA-TNA Spanish broadcast announcer Jack Melendeza has quit over a financial dispute.

    -Monty Brown appears to be finished with TNA. He has not signed a new deal, and his contract is expired. It appears he is upset over not receiving the NWA Heavyweight Championship title reign that he was promised (it was given to Christian Cage instead).

    -Former Freebird, Jimmy Garvin, has quit the WWE creative team, after only 3 days on the job. The reason is unknown.

    -Torrie Wilson is officially divorcing her husband, wrestler, Billy Kidman.

    -In recent interviews, Kurt Angle made the following comments:

    *Angle says he really wasn't treated right in WWE. Vince overworked him to a breaking point with house shows and appearances.
    *Angle told Vince that he had a serious pain pill addiction (65-70 pills a day) and needed to enter rehab, and Vince wouldn't let him. He told Vince, "I'm Gonna Die." Vince told him to figure out his problems on the road.
    *Angle talked about Big Show having a huge penis.
    *Angle hyped his move to TNA being as big as when Hogan jumped to WCW in 1993.

    *That's all for now. As always, comment, opinions, and questions are welcome.*
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