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    Term's Week 7 NFL Predictions

    Carolina Panthers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
    I'll take the Bengals here. Panthers cornerback Reggie Howard abruptly left the team this week, two players are questionable, and one of their back up running backs is out for at least 2 weeks. The Bengals offense struggled last week, but I think they'll get back on track here, against the surging Panthers. This is an important game for both teams.

    Detroit Lions vs. New York Jets
    Two sucky teams. The Lions are fresh off their first win of the season last week. Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is supended for violating the league's susbstance abuse policy, and Jets running back Curtis Martin is injured and will be out of action. I'll take the Jets here, though.

    Green Bay Packers vs. Miami Dolphins
    Another battle of two crappy teams. Green Bay wide receiver, Koren Robinson has been suspended for one year, for violating the league's substance abuse policy. This is a major blow to the little passing game that Green Bay had...and for that reason, I choose Miami to take this one.

    The big story here is Marcus Vick, former Virginia Tech quarterback, and brother of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, has been re-signed by the Dolphins and will play as a wide receiver.

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans
    This won't be much of a match-up...it'll be a skunk. Even though Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich is questionable for today's game, I'll take the Jaguars in an easy win.

    New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills
    Buffalo has New England's number a little bit. They are capable of beating the Patriots at home. However, three of the Bills big time players are questionable for this game. I'll take the Patriots, who are on a roll.

    Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Bucanneers
    The Eagles will bounce back after a loss last week, and beat the Buc's.

    Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons
    Falcons starting guard Matt Lehr has been suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy. I'll stick take the Falcons to avenge last week's loss by taking it out on the slumping Steelers, who are merely a shell of their former Superbowl winning selves.

    San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
    San Diego is playing like a team that is Superbowl bound. The key will be keeping young quarterback sensation Phillip Rivers in check. If he can keep things together and step up to the plate, I don't think their's a team in the playoffs that'll wanna face the Chargers. The best thing the Chargers could have done was lose Drew Brees, and go with Rivers. I pick the Chargers to run over the Chiefs.

    Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns
    The Broncos defense will dominate the sorry Browns, and maybe Jake "Mr. Inconsistent" Plummer will deliver some touchdowns. I'll take the Broncos.

    Arizona Cardinals vs. Oakland Raiders
    The Cardinals have fired their offensive coordinator (as if he was all the problem). The Raiders are the absolute worst team in football. Randy Moss' talents are being wasted, and I expect him to be out of Oakland within two years. I'll take the Cardinals.

    Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks
    Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander will not play, and wide receiver Bobby Engram is out indefinitely. Even though on paper the Seahawks should win, I am going to take the Vikings in a close one, in my upset special of the week.

    Washington Redskins vs. Indianapolis Colts
    The Colts have picked up a couple of players to help with their run defense, though it won't matter against the Redskins. Look for a big win by the Colts, even with a couple of key players out on injury.

    New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
    This should be an interesting game. New York has been streaky and inconsistent, and I don't think Dallas is as good as some think. It's pretty much a crapshoot, and I think either team could beat the other, but I'm going to go with the Cowboys, in what should be a wild one.
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    And my prediction is I will lose in Fantasy Football this week since 1/2 my team is on a bye week and the other 1/2 just went on the injured list!!!!

    Ah well such is life!!
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    Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander will not play, and wide receiver Bobby Engram is out indefinitely. Even though on paper the Seahawks should win, I am going to take the Vikings in a close one, in my upset special of the week.

    Vikings beat the crap out of the seahawks at the dome with Shaun playing.. But I agree, I think Minnesota will get a win, low scores.

    Im glad your taking my team bro..

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    I can't believe the loss my Eagles suffered today. Beaten by a 62 yard field goal with 3 seconds left after being down by 17! Insane!

    Oh well. With McNabb throwing 3 interceptions (and two being run back for TD's), they didn't deserve to win I guess....bums...
    Calm Like A Bomb...

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    This is actually the first week I have lost any NFL game prediction whatsoever this season. In fact, I missed a lot this week. This week was completely crazy. A real rollercoaster of emotions and upsets. No one could have predicted the week would turn out like this. Their's still more to come, but so far, I've picked 8 out of 12 correctly, going into Monday Night Football (Giants vs. Cowboys). Oh well, I guess 66.66666666666666 percent isn't bad...lol.

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    G-d damn muther F@#$in Steelers gave up ANOTHER good game to the other team.. WTF is going on? No I dont want your personal opinions, I know they are not the same team as last year.... Or even the year before that...
    Just venting. At least the Penguins are over 500
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