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View Poll Results: Are prostitution and drug use victimless crimes?

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  • Yes

    9 10.84%
  • No

    70 84.34%
  • Only drug use is a victimless crime

    1 1.20%
  • Only prostitution is a victimless crime

    3 3.61%
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    But the stuides were some how not accurate. How dare you prove these people wrong Stan. You learned NOTHING in vice


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    Okay, I'm going to try and explain this carefully. And I'll try and use simple words so that you can under stand.

    If you remove prohibition of a substance that thousands are addicted to in a small portion of a country, it is logical to assume that wherever the addicts are, they will migrate to the area that has not only lifted prohibition, but is giving away drugs.

    Let me make a comparison. Let's say the federal government tomorrow outlaws meat. No person inside the US is allowed to eat meat of any sort. Ever.

    Now, the government then says "except the state of Georgia". So if you are in my state, it's perfectly okay for you to eat all the meat you want, as much as you want.

    Don't you think the consumers of meat inside the state of Georgia will go up a thousand fold?

    That's how these experiments that Stan is talking about are flawed.
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