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Thread: Crime

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    Alright, Robert. We've played enough. Please add this to the long list of forums on various topics that you have been banned from.

    Can't say you weren't well warned of my short tolerance. You go get a job as a florist. Goodness knows that with your criminal past, you certainly don't qualify to be a law enforcement officer (although you sure tried, didn't you), or to even purchase that firearm you seek. Doesn't look like you are having much success as a truck driver, either. I mean, getting fired from Swift and then it apparently it only took Knight Transportation 3 months to figure out how absolutely inept you are. I guess you shouldn't have wierded out that lady driver manager like you did. Apparently, your dilligent study of Ross Jeffries brand of Neurolinguistic Programming hasn't quite made you the pick-up artist you wanted to be, especially once those women you were stalking just wouldn't procreate with you no matter how hard you tried to subliminally seduce them. You see, Robert, women aren't just for you to pull mindgames on, they are actually a bit smarter than you give them credit for, and you just can't dominate and control them by simply assuming yourself to be a "cunning linguist." Perhaps you should just stick to the sharpie and the bathroom stall.

    I guess we should all be very thankful that you are as poor a wannabe hypnotist as you are a truck driver, so you can't pollute the gene pool any further. I guess your Ninjutsu home study courses that you've bragged so much about online haven't made you too impressive to the fairer sex. Regardless, I think you are a timebomb, and I truly hope that the Alby PD over there in New Mexico realizes just how potentially dangerous I personally think you are. I think someone might should drop them a line...

    You see, Robert, this is a forum run by law enforcement officers. We deal with dregs like you on a regular basis. Its a shame you seem to think we would just allow you to come here and waste our valuable time on your mindless drivol for very long.

    Catch you on the flip-flop there, good buddy. 10-4.

    Albert Einstein once said 'The definition of crazy is doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results'.
    Joining 12 different forums, being banned from 8 (now 9) of them after displaying your combined lunacy and intellectual bankruptcy might well qualify you for Albert's list.

    Robert has left the building.

    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
    - Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

    Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind,
    That from the nunnery
    Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind
    To war and arms I fly.
    - Lovelace

    The opinions expressed by this poster are wholly his own, and should never be construed to even remotely be in representation of his employer, its agencies or assigns. In fact, they probably fail to be in alignment with the opinions of any rational human being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajunguy View Post
    DAMN, Jks, see what you've went and done now?
    You've done gone and gotten us into a freakin' WAR!

    And all by your little old self, too.

    Dayum, son, didn't yo momma teach you any better?

    I turned 21 in the academy, doing life without parole.
    No one could steer me right, but, Momma tried. Momma tried.
    Momma tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied.
    That leaves only me to blame, but Momma tried.

    (with apologies to Merle Haggard)

    I just didn't realize it was that serious... I'm causing war in Korea!
    Why, what'll I do next? I must learn to mind my own business, lest I accidentally start a jihad!
    Voting against incumbents until we get a Congress that does its job.

    TASER: almost as good as alcohol for teaching white boys to dance

    "Don't suffer from PTSD -- Go out and cause it!"
    -- Col. David Grossman, US Army, ret.

    All opinions expressed are my own and are not official statements of my employer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdonovan1 View Post
    get jobs as florists or something.
    I shall ponder the effects of this statement on my universe as I strum my ukulele to the mellow peaceful mumblings of hippies around the world. Puff puff pass dude. And open a &*@%ing window. It's getting smokey in here.

    Do not war for peace. If you must war, war for justice. For without justice there is no peace. -me

    We are who we choose to be.

    R.I.P. Arielle. 08/20/2010-09/16/2012

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    Too bad I missed this one. What a crazy fucktard.
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American G.I.
    One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. ~ Anon

    si hic carrus commovet non quaerete

    RIP Scott L. Roth- Pfc 1st Platoon,401st MP Co, KIA 12/20/89- Operation Just Cause- Not forgotten.

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    [QUOTE=lewisipso;535450]I shall ponder the effects of this statement on my universe as I strum my ukulele to the mellow peaceful mumblings of hippies around the world. Puff puff pass dude. And open a &*@%ing window. It's getting smokey in here.



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