Here's a great new song from Tracy Lawrence, dont know if anybody else had heard it or not as it was pretty quiet release. Go buy the album! Great album. Anyway, Ive been listening to this song ten or fifteen times a day while I'm working out and running in preparation to begin the hiring process sometime later this year or early next. It really says it all in a simple way. It's actually a duet with Brad Arnold, the lead singer of 3 Doors Down.

He takes all the criticism
from those who never played the game
No matter how hard they hit him
he keeps on playing through the pain
And when they lose he takes the blame
Old #9

For The Love They Live
For The Love They Die
No Higher Calling in this Life
There's Nothing He Cant Rise Above
'Cause it's not about rich,
It's not about poor
Counting the cost or keeping score
They do it for the love

I know this cop in Cincinatti
Born into money and prestige
He could be living off of daddy
But instead he's out there on the beat
Protecting & Serving you and me
Badge 4057.

(Repeat Chorus)