If you're still trying to read this.....

We offered the benefit of the doubt, extended courtesy, and this is how you act? From the moment you posted an item for sale as soon as you registered, to when your verification info did not meet our requirements, you were treated fairly, and with dignity. Sure....I could have banned you as a spammer when you posted your taser for sale, but I didn't. We could have made fun of you as a security guard, wannabe, mall ninja, etc....but we didn't. We were glad to have you active in our non LEO areas. But want to reply with "That's bullshit"?!?! Well son, we'll gladly show you the door.

Enjoy your fucking segway. I hear there may be an Icee spill down near the GAP and Abercrombie, get down there with some papertowels and serve your mall going public.