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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach Biker View Post
    I am a veteran of message boards, and was really glad to find a place with my own kind. Yes, I ride a bicycle at the beach. We are used to being poked fun at, but we are also a group with a long waiting list to join.

    The thing most people have commented upon with my posting is my southern California attitude. Los Angeles is a national trend setter, anything new, we get it first. We are America's entertainment capitol with celebs and affluence. We also have some of our nation's worst slums. It has been said that out here we live about 15-20 years in the future compared with the rest of the nation.

    We have also been called the land of fruits and nuts!

    So, I try to gear my posting to the reality of the rest of the nation. Sometimes I slip - intentionally like now. For example my wife and I believe it makes no sense that anyone would ruin a perfectly good marriage due to outside sex.

    When the time came for my wife and I to seriously discuss marriage, I said I did not want to give up my nights out (when she is out-of-town, she is a flight attendant), and I initially declined her proposal. You understand it is not as much the outside hookup as it is the freedom to hookup. Oh, hell, I am usually out with the guys at the Penguin beach bar in Venice after work and go straight home!

    So, part of our marriage is nights out on our own if desired. Even some of the guys I work with struggle with our idea, (probably jealous). We are not swingers. That settled neither my wife nor I have been outside the relationship in years. I tell this now, because perhaps some here will have a problem with it. Well, I feel sorry for them. This is 21st century marriage where you write your own rules into a marriage contract that will work for a lifetime. Infidelity would not be grounds for a divorce for us.

    So, things that may seem commnon place to me, may not be to you. Please feel free to call me on it. I believe sexual frustration has ruined many good marriages, if I can offer any ideas to help here, please let me know, but I am no expert, and my reality is not always easy.

    So do you have any pictures of your wife? I would love to take a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    So do you have any pictures of your wife? I would love to take a look.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it." -- Frederic Bastiat

    "Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    So do you have any pictures of your wife? I would love to take a look.
    Window shopping in 2011.
    No one has greater love than this, to lay down ones life for ones friends - John 15:13

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    welcome! My brother lives in Venice. I grew up in Torrance. I love California but am not so fond of all the liberals.
    Arm the sheep!

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