My company is in the emergency medical industry, and we are developing a tactical medical division. Here is the link to our Rapid Deployment Pack, designed for LEO’s .

Banyan | Rapid Deployment Pack

The kit is available for civilian use too.

We are currently supplying Stat Kits to the U.S. Navy for their Corpsmen and Navy S.E.A.L. Teams. Our kits are in most U.S. Embassies world- wide. Banyan kits are mandatory equipment on United, American and other airlines.

Our entry into the Tactical Medical field is pretty exciting. We recently provided 130 of these Rapid Deployment Packs to the Abilene PD. I have proposals to over twenty- five Texas Police Departments. I'd like some professional feedback on the kit and it's contents. This is not a profitable product, it's a response to the active shooter situations, the fact that many LEO's assemble and carry their own Go- bag's and the need for department wide uniformity. If an officer is down, his comrade knows what he'll find in the bag.

The basic kit and it's contents is registered with the FDA, which makes it unique. It is based on the U.S. Peacekeeper bag. Please check out our site, then give me some honest feedback on the concept, execution and ideas for accessories. Please don't take this as shameless self- promotion, these kits can genuinely save lives. I'm a Vet, and this project is close to my heart.


Eric Hansen
Sales & Business Development Manager
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