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    jar heads on leave

    Since we all do things differently, im curious on how many different ways youd deal with this:
    Had a gentleman home on leave for a week from the camp pendleton. He was drunk as hell and sitting behind the wheel of his truck. He refused p.b.t. and failed the f.s.t.'s.
    I tried to be nice and not dui him, screwing his military career. So i wrote him for public drunk nad released him.
    The whole time he was disrespectfull and told me i dont respect s**t or what he did for his country.
    At what point do you can him? He was awfull close, i can tell you that. He'll probably be a completely diffrent guy when he sobers up.
    I stand by my decision, but for those who havent encountered that better think of how they'll deal with it. Those of you who patrol around bases already know.
    People sleep peaceable at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.:

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    I'd put him in the back of a police van and deliver him back to the MPs. They'd take it from there, and it'd be worse than anything I could do to him.

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    Exactely what longtail said..I have also encountered the same type of situation. All I did was contact his military supervisor who assured me that would take care of it.. Trust me they will do more to him then you could ever think off...



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