We realize that recently, due to some major drama on "O.com", we at LEF have had an influx of new members and refugees.

We would like to welcome you. We're glad you've found us, and I truly believe that you will enjoy the site. Will (Signal_W), and I (the Site Co-Owners), have busted our ass for this site, and spend lots of our free time here to ensure that this site is the best possible, for it's members.

We maintain a fun, outgoing, sarcastic, but friendly atmosphere, with very little drama. We have something going here, that I can assure you, you will not find on another law enforcement site.

At LEF, we verify all of our law enforcement officers, so that NO ONE can "play" cop on our site. Their are NO phonies here. Only the real deal. Verified LEO's have access to a private, Verified LEO only area. We're a less moderated, freedom of speech oriented law enforcement site.

We offer lots of things that other law enforcement sites don't. Check out LEF Radio, and our chat rooms, for instance.

If you haven't registered, please do. It's easy, free, and allows you to post, and interact with other registered members.

If you have any questions, feel free to private message a Site Moderator, Signal_W, or myself.