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    East Baton Rouge Parish Sherrif's Office

    Hello everyone. I was at a job fair in Baton Rouge today and the East Baton Rouge S.O. is looking for people.
    The way the recruiter explained it to me is that you start as a jailer, then dispatch, then field training with an FTO (is that right? Im a newbie)and then patrol deputy.
    Thought someone could use this info.

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    What they didnt tell you is the jail is Two years of your career, the dispatch is one year, and the FTO is 6 months. I have an ex-brother in law that heads their Narcotics Department and he is the one that explained it to me.
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    yeah, I've got a few friends in EBRSO, the jail time sucks (from their experience) but somehow I've known of a few (previous LE) who have gotten out of doing the whole stint... only thing with the S.O. is if you piss off the wrong person, you'll wind up back at The Parish on gate duty =/

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