DynCorp International (DI) has an exciting and challenging opportunity for former police officers! We support the people who are restoring peace and civil institutions in difficult places like Sudan, Somalia, Liberia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We help protect what matters most. DI does the toughest jobs in the toughest places. Please read on for more information!

DI needs civilian police advisors to provide civilian law enforcement expertise to a U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense mission in Afghanistan. Advisors partner with their U.S. military counterparts to assess, advise, mentor, and train Afghan National Police.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. 7 years law enforcement experience (civilian or military) with extensive knowledge of the following skills:
a. Patrol operations
b. Criminal investigations
c. Crime scene investigation
d. Police academy and/or field training certification
e. Firearms instruction
f. Ability to instruct unarmed self-defense techniques
g. Police department operations and management
2. 3 years military experience, or SWAT experience in a city with more than 1,000 sworn personnel, or Federal SWAT experience
3. Actively sworn law enforcement officer or separated within the last 5 years, in a department with more than 100 sworn officers
4. Valid U.S. driver’s license and ability to operate a standard transmission vehicle
5. No revocation of an State license or certification while serving in law enforcement
6. Unblemished background and ability to pass a background check for disciplinary, criminal and credit issues
7. No record of human rights violations, acts of terrorism, or history of substantiated legal/ethical/moral violations while serving
8. No resignation or retirement in lieu of disciplinary action
9. Excellent health and ability to pass a law enforcement physical, physical agility evaluation and psychological evaluation
10. U.S. citizen with valid U.S. passport
11. Able to qualify with a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun and M4 rifle
12. Training experience at an academy level agency, in service program or field training officer experience
13. Ability to communicate effectively
14. Desire, ability and willingness to train others, as well as strong interpersonal, analytical and organizational skills

Preferred Qualifications (in addition to the minimum):
1. Associates or Bachelors degree in a Criminal Justice related field from an accredited college or university
2. Ten or more years of law enforcement experience
3. Two or more years as a first line supervisor in a law enforcement organization
4. Possess an active secret security clearance or the ability to obtain a clearance in accordance with NATO security requirements
5. International policing experience
6. Instructor certification through the POST (state) or licensing authority
7. Expertise in writing SOP's or professional standards for police departments, writing traffic codes and establishing programs.
8. Specialized training in the areas of
a. Firearms
b. Special Weapons and Tactics operations
c. Motor vehicle operations in enforcement operations
d. Physical training
e. Physical arrest techniques / Defensive tactics
f. Narcotics investigations
g. Community Policing
h. Training and instructor development
i. Crime scene investigation and evidence processing
j. Violent criminal behavior investigation
k. Domestic Violence
l. Organized Crime/criminal enterprise and financial crime
m. Internal Affairs
9. Graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy or other internationally recognized Academy
10. Executive level leadership experience as a Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, Police Commissioner, or command staff level in a law enforcement agency
11. Ability to communicate in either Dari or Pashtu at 1+/1+ proficiency level
12. Prior military Combat Arms experience
13. Culturally aware and familiar with COIN Doctrine

As this requirement is to have mentors embedded with the US Military, knowledge or experience with operating US Military vehicles are desired, but not required. Vehicle familiarity shall be with
a. Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) style vehicles
b. Buffalo and Cougar V-shaped vehicles
c. Humvees

Work Environment:
Advisors shall be embedded in and participate with U.S. Military Police Mentor Teams (PMTs) to provide embedded partnering to the Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) , the Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP), and the Afghan Border Police (ABP) at provincial, district, and sub-district levels. Advisors shall conduct all activities embedded with the PMT, and will live, sleep, and eat with team. Advisors should expect to spend anywhere from one night to up to several weeks with the partnered Afghan National Police (ANP). Conditions shall be austere and physically demanding. Advisors do not have executive authority to perform law enforcement operations.

Living Environment:
While with the embedded team, likely quarters while residing on a Forward Operating Base (FOB) shall be with a cot; when displaced to the field, contractors will use contractor issued sleeping bags. Advisors shall expect to live and work at all times with the PMT and the ANP. Living conditions will vary widely, from remote and basic police facilities at isolated locations, to Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT), and Regional Training Centers (RTC). FOB, PRT, and RTC locations and may include facilities operated by ISAF or allied contributors. While supported by the U.S. Military, advisors should expect to live and work in locations that may be under hostile and austere conditions.

Mentors must be certified to carry and use weapons.
Mentors must have a valid and current driver’s license.
Mentors must qualify with a 9mm Pistol.
Mentors must qualify with an M-4 Assault Rifle.

Mentors can earn up to $158K serving a one-year contract. All lodging, meals, transportation, logistical, technical, and administrative support provided at no cost. Dependent medical benefits are also available. Foreign income tax exemption may apply.
Apply online at http://www.dyn-intl.com/policemissio...ions-home.aspx or DynCorp International - Careers