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Below is a copy of the Civil Service Commission job posting:

The Aurora Police Department is looking for candidates with current or recent Police Officer experience.
Within the (4) year period prior to the date you submit your application, you must have (3) years previous service within any police/law enforcement department/agency in which you were in good standing.
·Starting pay – entry level applicants earn $46,635 per year (Grade IV)
·Yearly grade increases – officers advance in Grade pay every year
·Grade III - $53,289
·Grade II- $59,371
·Grade I - $66,530
(increases by smaller steps annually)

Lateral Pay Incentives:
An applicant hired under the lateral entry program will enter the academy classified as a Police Officer Grade to be determined by his or her years of service and amount of formal education as follows:

  • Less than a Bachelors Degree

·3 to 5 years of prior service – Grade III – After completion of training – Grade II.
·5 years or more of prior service – Grade II - After completion of training – Grade I.

  • Bachelors Degree or higher

  • 3 to 5 years of prior service – Grade II – After completion of training – Grade I.
  • 5 years or more of prior service – Grade II – after completion of training – Grade I step B.

  • Lateral pay incentives will be based on successful completion of the academy and field training program.

Shift Differential Pay:
·Swing shift – additional $275 per year.
·Graveyard shift – additional $500 per year.

·Furnished by the Department at no cost. You supply your own weapon meeting published department standards. Officers receive $550 body armor vest allowance once every four years.

Vacation and Holidays:
·Vacation - 80 hours annually, increasing with seniority to a maximum of 184 hours annually.
·Paid Holidays - 9 days annually.
·Personal Leave - 16 hours annually.

Sick Leave:
·120 hours annually.

Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance:
·The city of Aurora offers contributions to a variety of health insurance plans, including some where the monthly premium is completely covered by the city. Employees have optional dental, vision and life insurance plans available to them. Employees can also add life insurance coverage for their dependents.

·The city contribution provides death and disability coverage through the Fire & Police Pension Association (FPPA).

·Officers and the city both contribute 10.5% bi-weekly into their retirement fund with a 5-year vestment schedule.
·IRS qualified tax-exempt retirement plans meeting 401A status can be rolled over when the candidate provides IRS determination letter, subject to approval of the Retirement Board.
Deferred Compensation:
·Officers may tax defer a certain dollar $$$ amount of salary annually.

Annual in-service training. Officers are also eligible for job related sponsored training.

Organizational Mission Statement:
To promote a desirable quality of life in our community, we are committed to maintaining and improving peace, order and safety through excellence in law enforcement and community. Our commitment to community service is driven by the expectation that we maintain the highest core values.

Recruiting Unit Staff:

Officer CJ Renaud: (303) 739-7899
Officer Julie Stahnke (303) 326-8759
Officer Carl Thompson (303) 326-8804
Sergeant Chris Amsler (303) 739-7115