Below is a copy of a bulletin email - should be self explanatory. Out of state applicants welcome. If you travel long distances, call for an appointment. Anyone with questions about WSP, PM me and I'll try to answer. The Academy is required, regardless of prior LEO ceritification.


October 26, 2011
In an effort to fill the 100th Trooper Basic Training Class, the agency is continuing to recruit qualified candidates for the position of Trooper Cadet.

The Human Resource Division will be conducting walk-in Phase 1 testing on Saturday, November 5, 2011, at the WSP Academy in Shelton. Phase 1 testing will also be conducted Tuesday, November 8, 2011, at the District 4 office in Spokane by appointment only.

Current and former State Patrol employees continue to be among our best recruitment sources. If you know a candidate who has what it takes to be a trooper, please encourage him or her to visit Meet Our Recruiters - Washington State Patrol, or call Westside Recruiter Trooper Pete Stock at (360) 239-4904, or Eastside Recruiter Trooper Tina Wallman at (509) 342-4570. Now is a great time to apply for the Trooper job opportunity.