Civil Service Commission
City Building
Dover, Ohio 44622

Chairman Vice-Chairman Member/Clerk
Jeff Border Doug Bambeck Millie S. Frum

Dear Applicant:

To qualify to take the Police Officer’s Test you will need to provide to the Commission the following:

1. Signed and Notarized Application for Examination
(the long yellow sheet)

2. Comleted and signed Application for Employment
(the short white sheet)

3. A copy of the certificate verifying your completion of an Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program

4. A copy of any two of four year degrees you have obtained

5. A copy of your military discharge

These must be provided to us PRIOR to the examination. You will NOT RECEIVE extra credit for education or military service unless copies of documentation of same is provided.

We do not want any other certificates of specialized police training, resumes, or letters of reference. If any of these are included with your application, they will be discarded.

Dover Civil Service Commission will give an open competitive examination for the position of Police Officer, Police Department, City of Dover, according to the Ohio Revised Code Sections 124.22, 124.23, 124.41.

DATE & TIME: Monday, December 10, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Roy G. Crawford Dover City Council Chambers, 121 E. 2nd St., Dover, Ohio

All applicants shall file with the Civil Service Commission, a notarized application for examination no later than Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 12:00 noon. Applications are available in the Mayor’s/Safety Director’s Office at Dover City Hall. A $20.00 fee for testing shall be paid at the time the employment application is filed with the Civil Service Commission. Those applicants who cannot afford to pay the $20.00 testing fee may sign a poverty affidavit and submit it along with the employment application to the Civil Service Commission.

1. All applicants must be citizens of the United States.
2. No applicant shall be eligible for appointment unless he or she has reached the age of twenty-one (21) prior to the date of appointment. No person is eligible to receive an original appointment when he or she is thirty-five (35) years of age prior to date of appointment.
3. Applicants must have either graduated from high school, vocational school, or completed a GED successfully.
4. No applicant shall be eligible for appointment unless they have passed a physical examination given within 120 days by a licensed physician with examiner certifies that the applicant is free of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease and states that the applicant meets the physical requirements necessary to perform the duties of a Police Officer as established by the Dover Civil Service Commission.
5. An applicant, at the time of appointment, must be a licensed driver with a good driving record and must maintain such record at all times. A “good driving record” for the purposes of eligibility only, is defined as having no more than two (2) two-point moving violations or their equivalent within three (3) preceding years. Conviction of one or more six-point moving violations, any felony traffic violation, or their equivalent, in the previous five (5) years shall be grounds for disqualification from eligibility.
6. Applicant shall posses a certificate awarded to them by the Executive Director of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council, attesting to his or her satisfactory completion of an approved State of Ohio Basic Peace Officer Training Program (O.R.C. Section 109.772). Any other training that was mandated by legislation of the State of Ohio that is not included in the certificate shall be completed within the time prescribed by the rules promulgated by the Attorney General (O.R.C. Section 109.741). A COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE EXAM.
7. An applicant who fails to complete any portion of the selection process shall not be re-tested and shall be disqualified from the current process. Such applicants may re-apply in the future advertised civil service exams.
8. No applicant shall be eligible for appointment unless they pass a psychological examination, a background investigation conducted by the Dover Police Department, a polygraph (lie detector) examination, a drug screen test, and be personally interviewed by the Safety Director and/or the Chief of Police.
9. LENGTH OF ELIGIBILITY: The eligible list for appointment as Police Officer in the City of Dover Police Department shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of the examination. The validity of the eligibility list may be extended for up to one (1) additional year at the discretion of the Dover Civil Service Commission. An eligibility list will be certified containing the names of all candidates having successfully passed both the written examination and the physical fitness test.
10. EXAMINATION SEQUNCE: All applicants must obtain at least a passing score of 70% on the written portion of the examination to be eligible for the physical fitness portion of the examination. The physical fitness portion of the examination will be conducted at a later date, to be announced to the persons passing the written portion of the examination, and graded on a pass/fail basis.
11. MILITARY SERVICE CREDIT: Applicant must obtain a passing score of 70% on the written portion of the examination in order to receive the service credit, and they must pass the physical fitness portion of the examination. Applicants must submit proof of an honorable discharge with their Civil Service application in order to receive 5% credit of the test grade.
12. HIGHER EDUCATION CREDIT: Applicant must obtain at least a passing grade of 70% in the written portion of the examination in order to receive the education credit. A two (2) year degree from an institution of higher education (e.g., a College or University) will entitle the applicant to receive credit of 2.5% of the test grade. A four (4) year degree from an institution of higher education will entitle the applicant to receive credit of 5% of the test grade. (Only one education credit will apply.) Applicants must submit proof of their degree with their Civil Serivice application in order to receive this credit.
13. An applicant, upon employment, must comply with the residency requirements of the City of Dover.
14. An applicant, upon employment, must be able to perform the duties of the position, obey the Rules and Regulations, General Orders, and Policies and Procedures of the police department and laws of the State of Ohio.
15. An applicant will be disqualified from appointment if previously convicted of any crimes of violence, violations of illegal drug activity, and any violations of crimes of theft or corruption as found in the Ohio Revised Code.
16. An applicant who provides false, inaccurate or incomplete information on the employment application will be subject to immediate disqualification from appointment or termination if appointed.

NOTE: Aside from the yellow and the white application forms which you need to return along with your application fee, the ONLY other papers you need to submit to the commission, are 1) a copy of the certificate verifying your completion of an Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program, 2) a copy of any two or four year degrees you have obtained, and 3) a copy of your military discharge. Any other papers turned in with your application WILL BE DISCARDED.

Published November 18 and 25, and December 2, 2012 in The Times Reporter

1. Physical Fitness Test: The O.P.O.T.A. requirements.
I believe they are on this link:
2. Residency requirement: Tuscarawas County and adjacent counties.
3. Other information: The City of Dover lies 80 miles south of Cleveland, OH, 95 miles west of Pittsburgh, PA, and 83 miles north of Marietta, OH. Dover is accessible from I-77 (exit 83/exit 85) and covers an area of 5.71 square miles and has 70 miles of roadway. The 2011 population was 12,816 and the Police Department has 22 full time officers and 1 Police Chief.
4. Benefits:
a. 2012 pay rate for Police Officer is $24.66 per hour. 10% less for new hire during first 6 months, 5% less during second 6 months.
b. Minimum shift manning.
c. Scheduled "long weekends" (4 consecutive days off) determined by seniority on each shift.
d. Minimum 2 hrs overtime pay for emergency call-in and court appearances. 3 hrs overtime pay for court appearances if working midnight shift.
e. 7 paid holidays at 1.5 times regular rate. 3 paid holidays at 2 times regular rate.
f. 2 personal days in a 12 month period.
g. 2 weeks paid vacation; 3 weeks at 6 yrs; 4 weeks at 13 years; 5 weeks at 18 years, 6 weeks at 23 years.
h. Uniform clothing allowance $1050 for new hire, $850 thereafter per year.
i. Sick leave earned at 4.6 hrs per 80 hours worked.
j. Longevity pay.
k. Hospitalization insurance $55 single, $110 family.
l. Life insurance policy $17,000.
m. Shift differential $.25 for afternoons, $.35 for midnights.
n. Bargaining unit: Fraternal Order of Police/Ohio Labor Council

If anyone would like, please email me and I will send a copy of the application. I worry about this slightly because one of the applications are on yellow legal size paper, but would be glad to send information to you.

Ptl. Chad Mowrer
Dover Police Department