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    Any Massachusetts openings?

    Just wondering how the Massachusetts openings look....usually not so good if you dont have their academy or you're not on their civil service list but I figured it's worth the asking....thanks


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    I spent the first 23 years of my life in MA before I came up here. I am very familiar with how MA does things, allow me to opine:

    If you do not have residency in a town or city in MA, you can forget about getting hired. They give a civil service exam every two years. Residents of the town go to the top, disabled vets go to the very top, and vets right below them.

    There are towns that are non civil service (not many) but competition is fierce. You can obtain a list of non-CS towns on the Human Resources website i beleive.

    So basically, if you don't live here, you don't have a chance of getting on a CS town/city. As for the State Police, I hope you can get a 97 or higher on the written exam, and I hear they are done hiring for a while.

    I got an interview card two weeks after i graduated the academy here for my hometown in MA. I would have had the job but i passed it up. It was the town I grew up in, of 12,000 people, 7 square miles.



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