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    MUST SEE - Louisiana perspective of Hurricane Katrina


    Further evidence supporting the video.


    Evacuees in FEMA Trailers Parks to Face Rent Charges

    May 3, 2007 05:09 PM CDT

    FEMA Trailer Rent

    In less than a year, hurricane evacuees living in FEMA trailer parks like Renaissance Village will be asked to begin paying rent. Last Thursday, the federal government announced it would extend its housing assistance program from this August to March of 2009, which is an extra 18 months, but not without charging residents to live in government housing. Also, those rates will be going up each month. Starting next March, people living in travel trailers, mobile homes or apartments will be asked to pay $50 per month and that rate will go up $50 each month until March 2009. By that time, they could be at $600, and some evacuees aren't taking the news lightly.

    Ray Andrews says, "FEMA is making it impossible for people to make it." Ray Andrews is one of some 2500 people living in Renaissance Village. FEMA reports these living quarters are at full capacity. Spokesperson Manuel Broussard says FEMA parks like this one are actually what made things possible for evacuees tortured by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He says come March 2009, they will have had more than enough time to find more permanent housing. Manuel Broussard says, "Three and a half years, we hope is a good time period for people to have moved forward with their lives."

    For some who live here, that was the worse news they could have ever gotten. People like Donald Myers, who thought this park would become more like a neighborhood. Myers says, "We want to have our own store here, our own restaurant and they could do it." But, Broussard says that was never FEMA's plan. He says the incremental rent plan is the government's way of easing these residents back into a more normal way of life, one that involves paying bills and working to making ends meet. Some see that. Rinnie Converson says, "We been here, went through trials of living in a trailer park, now. Katrina is way over and it's time for us to move on." Others say they just don't know how or if they'll ever get there, and that paying rent is just another set back. Ray Andrews says, "At some point in time, I'm not going to pay $600 a month. I'll be done before I get to that point."

    If they're not happy paying rent, they have yet another option. FEMA will allow these occupants to purchase their units outright. The price will depend on several factors like wear and tear, age of the unit and the cost to deactivate it.

    Nothing personal against these people. I know they went through alot, but that was almost 2 yrs. ago people, get a job and quit crying.

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    We still have some here living in government-sponsored apartments... I'm not sure what they're going to do with them. As long as they have free housing, they're gonna stay.

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    I agree Txcharlie , they will stay as long as the handout is there ( for some , not all ) .

    Many people were displaced and assisted by fema and they moved on to support themselves and i think its time for all others to follow , unless they are elderly or disabled or fit a more stringent criteria than just being displaced .

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    They didn't work before, they don't want to work now. No difference.
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    I applaud FEMA for this move. I agree that something needs to be done, and as long as you continue to give them a handout they will take it and do nothing. If there is no work there for them, they might want to consider moving away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    They didn't work before, they don't want to work now. No difference.
    kudos for that comment...

    its like welfare which was created to be TEMPORARY... that didnt fly very well LOL.. glad they are stepping up and forcing this change.

    ohh.. we want a town to live in with a little country store.. but we want it all for free... ROFLMAO... ummm NO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    They didn't work before, they don't want to work now. No difference.
    Enough said!

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    Loved the song when I heard it after the storm. Still love it!!!!!!
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    The core of the problem:

    "We want to have our own store here, our own restaurant and they could do it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piggybank Cop View Post
    The core of the problem:

    "We want to have our own store here, our own restaurant and they could do it."

    Amazing how some people can see right to the heart of an issue.
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    The video had some terrible truths in it...but I always get my "fur up" when I see things like that....Folks in my area (an hour's drive from New Orleans and the MS Gulf Coast) suffered great loss as a result of Katrina.... and the tornadoes she spawnned....BUT...we sucked it up....helped each other and rebuilt/ing...not all that were effected by Katrina had a hand out for anything other than a kind word and lotsa prayers...
    I love Louisiana and the city that care forgot long before Katrina came 'round
    *steps off soapbox*

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