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Thread: Being a cop...

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    This video was posted on another forum site I'm apart of, thought it was worthy of being shared here.

    Click here!!
    Thereís a promise I need you to make
    While Iím gone you take care of the love
    And Iíll deal with the hate.

    Donít worry about me; Iíll be all right
    Just care for your children and sleep tight
    Iíll keep you safe on my watch tonight
    On My Watch Tonight - Mike Corrado

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    Did you read the last comment ~

    MULLET take note, Perhaps we need something like this in vic to drum up some support.., Hats off to QPU. Captured beautifully and evidence why police need to be looked after by the govt. We've also been treated like the peasants of the emergency services for too long. You're a small man Bracks. Its time you leave along with that silly moll Nixon. Lets hope this is screened at VICPOL rally at Vodafone arena on the 13th.
    We're having a pay dispute and Bracks is the Premier of the State, like your Governors. We're having a industrial meeting on the 13th July. Nixon is our Chief Commissioner and Mullet is our Union Secretary.

    Thanks for the post Autumn



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