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    Talking Hillary Soprano? Hillary and Bill as Mob Boss and Spouse in parody of final scene of "The Sopranos"

    Hillary walks into the Mount Kisco diner in Westchester, N.Y., and takes a seat. Seconds later in comes Bill, dressed in a short-sleeved, untucked shirt.

    "No onion rings?" Bill asks when he sees that his wife has ordered a bowl of carrots. "I'm looking out for you," replies Hillary, who peruses the diner's jukebox selections, the same tunes voted on by her campaign supporters. Tina Turner's "The Best." KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I See." Smash Mouth's "I'm a Believer." Bill says he thinks Smash Mouth will win. "We'll see," Hillary says.

    Then the camera fades to black.

    Everything in the video -- Chelsea parallel-parking outside, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" playing in the background -- is right out of "The Sopranos" finale. Even Vincent Curatola, who played John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni on the HBO show, makes a cameo. Folks at HBO said they had nothing to do with it.


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    Definitely appropriate.

    People with the potential to have exposed a number of shady Clinton dealings wound up dead of "tragic accidents", "natural causes", and suicides too...

    yup, all "swimmin' wit' da' fishes"... hmm...


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