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    Village People Make Special Airport Appearance

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    BWAHAHA!! I thought I'd seen all the Larry Craig videos so far, but this is a new one! I'll have to send it to the Sgt that arrested him.

    This one's pretty good.
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    God those stalls are big to fit so many in em. Do they do conventions?

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    That video and the whole Craig affair keeps reminding me of the technician I worked with at Texas Instruments back in the early 1980's, who got caught in the bathroom with a mirror on his shoe - LOL

    Then a couple of days after he was escorted out of the building, someone discovered his unattended lunch box in the missile factory area after a security scare (I think that was the same one after Regan's use of our HARM (AGM-88a) missiles in Lybia - Lybia had discovered an unexploded missile with a TI name tag on it, which had our factory address, and Lybian agents supposedly were sent to bomb our factory).

    Since they didn't connect the two events, that caused quite a commotion too. Rumor is that the security guards took the lunch box out of the building (yeah that was dumb) and the police bomb squad executed it, but it was on an off-shift so I missed that part of the action.

    But I wondered why my technician never came back from the bathroom, and saw some of that commotion out in the hallway

    Ahhh, those were the days

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