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    Singing priests' music tops the charts, Make Guinness Book of World Records

    Three priests from Northern Ireland are the most unlikely boy band in the world, and they have an unexpected hit with a CD of spiritually inspired tracks. Call it a minor miracle, but their CD "Priests" is No. 1 on the Top New Artists album chart, No. 1 on several classical charts and now has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest-selling classical act in the United Kingdom.

    YouTube - The Priests - The Priests Album - TV Ad

    "I suppose there is something unique about having three diocesan priests singing the music, who have been singing the music over many years," said priest David Delargy.

    For almost 40 years, brothers Martin and Eugene O'hagan, along with boyhood friend David Delargy, have found harmony in songs.

    "Our mother was a wonderful singer," said Eugene. "I suppose when we were little, 'The Sound of Music' was the big film, and our mother took us on tour, if you like. That was our first gig with our mother- a little mini Von Trapp family around hospitals and parishes."

    They even made it on YouTube, where their act recently received more than 200,000 hits. The priests have the world's only recording contract that contains the clause: "Parish work has priority over performances."

    Their main priority in life is to make sure they can return home tomake sure they can do mass on Sunday. They will go on tour but not for too long or too far from home.

    "We were in the states for a while and came back, and the first thing I was asked was, 'Father, there is a leak in the ladies' toilets,' so that certainly brought me back straight to Earth," said Eugene.

    The priests signed a $1 million contract. The royalties will go to charities, and the priests may be the only entertainers who are more interested in mending souls than climbing charts.


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    Beautiful! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the classical Christmas music channel on XM. Lots of beautiful, majestic music. I also enjoy Gregorian Chant. It lifts up your soul. I'm a big fan of rock and will often listen to Metallica on my MP3 player at work but sometimes it's nice to just sit back and listen to something "other-worldly."

    Now, how long before the pedophile Catholic priest crack?
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