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    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guard almost has to lay a smackdown on a disrespectful observer!

    Oh man...I was waiting for the Guard to light him up. Couldn't really tell why the crowd member crossed the rail, maybe to retrieve a bottle or something...but still. How asinine can you get?

    YouTube - Changing of the Guard:Man Crosses rail gets yelled at!
    "If anything worthwhile comes of this tragedy, it should be the realization by every citizen that often the only thing that stands between them and losing everything they hold dear... is the man wearing a badge." -- Ronald Reagan, in the wake of the deaths of 4 CHP troopers in the Newhall Incident, 1970

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    Outstanding. It didn't take the idiot long to get back behind the rail. I wonder if the dummy peed on himself.

    "It's a great life. You risk your skin catching killers and the juries turn them loose so they can come back and shoot at you again. If your honest , your poor your whole life. And , In the end , you wind up dying all alone on some dirty street. For what? For nothing. For a tin star."
    -Ex-Sheriff Martin Howe to Will Kane in "High Noon"

    Far from being a handicap to command, compassion is the measure of it. For unless one values the lives of his soldiers and is tormented by their ordeals , he is unfit to command.
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    I think the guards reaction left NO room for doubt.
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    haha that's awesome!
    He who has the money, signs the cheques.
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    Some sh*thead's always trying to piss up a rope.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." -Gen. George S. Patton

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    In late 1999, my military officer wife and I (enlisted guy - shhhhh, verboten back then) were in DC and made our pilgrimage to the Tomb. We paid our respects, nodded our thanks to the Guards and began to leave to where the amphitheater was. A group of rowdy late middle schoolers were approaching to the steps leading down. Their teachers and chaperones were as loud as they were, laughing and hooting. My wife whispered, "steady, steady," but it was too late. Afterburners were lit and the chocks pulled. I stopped in front of the group and began barking similar to my instructor days. I flattened ears and royally chewed them out for their lack of respect for those who died to allow them the freedom to be disrespectful. I then looked at the teachers and chewed them out and roared. I finished and pointed the way, saying "Walk with respect and shut your pie holes. Those buried here earned that."

    Oh yes, I was livid.

    But across the open bowl of the ampitheater, I heard a loud "HUAH!" and saw a Marine in dress who was sitting with what looked like his family.

    That was all I needed in thanks. That was all that needed to be said after my verbal thrashing.

    And yes, the urchins were meek as they approached the railing. The teachers were obviously angry, dressed down and embarassed but the lesson had been made.

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    I'm extremely impressed by the way the guard handled himself. He was in complete control of himself, every action taken was a show of power, but not a threat, and he immediately showed dominance in the situation, without breaking character. It almost looked planned, it was so good. I think we all could take some advice from the young man.



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