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    Forget carrots, just play video games

    Can we write off our Xboxs and PS3s as medical expenses now?
    Forget carrots, just play video games | Booster Shots | Los Angeles Times

    Here's some evidence that video games may be good for you after all.

    People who played 50 hours of action video games showed significant improvement in contrast sensitivity function, a key aspect of vision, according to a study published online today in Nature Neuroscience.

    Callofduty Contrast sensitivity function refers to the ability to detect small differences in shades of gray, and it is one of the most vulnerable elements of vision. Scientists believe it is affected by deterioration of the eye itself. (more at site...)

    Great mouse training, don't know about this...but if it helps you convince the home auditor you NEED to upgrade your computer...

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    I think that we can. I can just hear the kids at home, "Look mom the internet said video games are good for my eyesight so I need to play for a few more hours."



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