CMT documents the journey of two unruly teens from different families as they are forced to adapt to the rules and regulations of very strict host parents. Living under different standards from their families back home, the misbehaving teens will be subject to punishment for breaking rules and skipping chores while the strict parents attempt to mend their ways. : Shows : World's Strictest Parents : Main Page

Has anyone had a chance to catch this show? What did you think of it? Could you see yourself and your family as the host family?

Is there a difference that can be made for these teens should they choose to follow it or are they too far gone? Is there anything that you as a parent would do differently?

Due to the very nature of your jobs, I think that many of you here have seen and have been instrumental in the consequences of wayward teens in our society that make the wrong choices in the paths they choose to follow.

The show airs on CMT. Check your local listings.