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    Back up officer with a name, coming in from behind (like said before). He may be a great shot, he may have great defensive moves, but tactics are poor (the gun he raises in the air and turns when he finds on JV perp)

    Just like Cops, many hours of riding along to get one show. I dont have anything against the man but put a camera crew with Lew, Keith, JcsdScott, or any of the other regulars on here and you will see what it is really about.

    I love how they highlight the big cases etc. You never see "The Neighbors Dog Shit in My Yard" call
    Somebody Please, what the hell is that smell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoestring View Post

    I love how they highlight the big cases etc. You never see "The Neighbors Dog Shit in My Yard" call
    I'd love to see Steven Seagal handling that kind of call and explaining how his martial arts background helps!

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    I'd treat him like any other Chief - train him when you see him make a tactical mistake.

    I still give him credit for going out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    I'd love to see Steven Seagal handling that kind of call and explaining how his martial arts background helps!
    Well, you see, through his years of martial arts training as well as being a dog owner himself, he's learned that dogs shit. And that they generally shit where they want to... So we all need to get along with the dogs, and pick up their shit...
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    Has anyone noticed that when he shoots a pistol, he puts his whole index finger in the trigger guard. Looks like he pulls the trigger with his bottom knuckle. Horrible mechanics, I don't care how good of a shot you are. They make him out like he is some kind of firearms tactician just because he knows martial arts. Pretty funny really. My wife and I enjoy watching the show just for the entertainment of it all, but it is really not all that good.

    He is really annoying me with that weird accent he uses when he is on calls. He appears to talk normal most of the time, and then when they come in contact with people or suspects he starts talking like them. Really really odd. As he says "Get Out The Car" Get Out The Car".

    Go to google and search for the show. You will find a few message boards where guys claim to work at Jefferson Parrish and say he is a joke. The old sheriff gave him that Reserve Chief Deputy Rank, and he claimed to have attended an academy in California but California POST has no record of him.

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    Just watched it for the first time a couple days ago. Awful show. I figured it would be worth a laugh, but it's too pathetic even for that. All I can say is that I'm glad he does his little ride-alongs in a jurisdiction far away from mine. Stupid know-it-all should probably go back to his dojo and leave the police work to the police.


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