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Thread: Tool Academy

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    Tool Academy

    anyone else watch this show? Me and Ms. Loblaw are totally addicted....if you have never seen it, catch just one episode. It's the most unintentionally funny thing ever. The girlfriends (and one boyfriend) sign their significant others up to try to make them better boyfriends/girlfriends...but the catch is, the "tools" don't know what's happening...they all think they've been entered in a contest to be the next "Party Ambassador of Cancun." They give these idiots enough rope to hang themselves and then spring the trap. "Suprise...there is no such think as the 'Party Ambassador of Cancun!' Welcome to 'The Tool Academy,' jerkoffs!!!" This season features a tool who's major passion is "glowsticking." Whatever the f that is. "The glowsticks understand me...they don't judge." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
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    I haven't seen it, but just based on that description:

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    I've never seen it. It doesn't seem to be something that would hold my interest.

    By the way, glowsticking:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHdytgDUcVQ&feature=Pl ayList&p=560DE9077E679A6D&inde x=1]YouTube - Glowsticking.com Stringing: Furinax Overview 9/9/06[/ame]
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    I turned it on once... thinking it was a good, manly show about something like home repair or power tools.

    Well, the few minutes I watched did show that it was about "power tools" alright...

    No, I didn't watch it for long.
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