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Thread: Third Watch

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    Third Watch

    I'm currently watching season 2 of Third Watch on DVD. I love this show. It's fantastic. One of my favorite cop/emergency type shows I've ever seen.

    The earlier episodes are way better than the later stuff. I like it when they included all of the emergency services in the episode, and not just the cops. When they switched to almost entirely detectives I started losing interest.

    I am still pissed off they took it off the air, and can't wait for Season 3 to come out on DVD.
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    When this was on I actually tried to catch it on a regular basis. I was disappointed to know it went downhill and was cancelled.
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    I loved that show!! I've been trying to find it on DVD to rent, but haven't yet. Can't afford to buy it at the moment. I also think the early episodes were their best. Towards the end they got too focused on the cops and there was way too much drama.
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    I loved that show too! My two favorite cop shows were 3rd Watch and NYPD Blue.

    It came as shocks when both of them went off the air. I think they had a lot of potential left in them, if they would have gotten away from the soap opera shit and back to what the shows were really supposed to be about.

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