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    B-Folders 2 for Android

    B-Folders for Android

    I downloaded this and have been playing with it today. This is a review.

    B-Folders 2 for Android is a program that stores important personal data in an encrypted database. The program can sync to other computers, and an Android app for your phone.

    I have all our credit card information, including the customer service numbers to call. If my wallet is lost or stolen it will be easy to contact the companies and cancel my accounts.

    I also put all the social security numbers for the wife and kids in there. I just can't ever remember that stuff.

    All our health care information is in there now too, if I lose my card.

    I put a file of all my passwords, including specific login information for some critical sites. Now my wife will be able to take over our domain and email etc if I die.

    I'm going to be putting in all my gun serial numbers next.

    On their website they say:
    • store emergency and survival info that you need to be always with you
    • keep passwords for web sites and computer accounts
    • store trade secrets and financial info - contacts, credit cards, banking info
    • store reference info organized in a hierarchy of categories
    • jot notes with ideas, tasks etc.
    • keep a diary/journal
    • brainstorm in a mind mapping way
    • keep lists of tasks, shopping items etc.
    • keep track of projects and sub-projects with planning notes, list of tasks and related materials
    • implement Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology
    Download the program for your computer. It's available in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can easily create an organized structure of folders with nested notes, password and login information, credit card information, bookmarks and contacts.

    The interface is very simple. It's not polished and there's no "Wow" factor when you look at it. That said, the simplicity makes it very easy to figure out and use.

    When you are ready, download the B-Folders app from the Android Market.

    You synchronize databases by using the same password. Sign into the app using the same password you created on your desktop. Make sure you are using your wifi connection to the same network as your desktop or laptop. Initiate the sync from the phone and all the information that was on your computer will be transferred to the phone.

    The transfer is done over an encrypted connection. The database is also encrypted. Even if you loose your phone it would take a lot of effort to try and break the 256 bit AES encryption. Not something the average phone thief would be interested in, or have the capability to do.

    If you can't sync, the program will allow you create a backup database that you can import on the other devices.

    One of the things I like about this program is the price. $29.95 will get you a personal license that you can use on your home computers and Android phones. Another similar program I looked at required a purchase for each computer, and you also had to purchase the Android app. You can download the program, and the app for free and use it for a 30 day trial period. You need to pay for the license after 30 days to modify or a add data (you can access what's already there.)

    I'm going to use the 30 day trial period before I decide whether to pay for it. So far I'm pretty impressed.

    The Android App is free and I think if you use it as stand-alone you don't have to pay for anything.
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    That is what I am looking for but not for $30
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