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Thread: Unthinkable

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    I just watched this. Got it from RedBox. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from The Matrix). Holy shit.

    Carrie Anne-Moss' character is a by-the-book FBI counter-terror SAC-type. Jackson is a mysterious ex-Army interrogator. A white Muslim extremeist, who happens to be an American citizen, stashes some nukes in 3 US cities, and Moss and Jackson are brought in to find the bombs. This is the main plot of the flick, and it's one that's been done in countless other flicks. The real underlying issue at hand is how far our defense forces are willing to go to gain the information needed to save millions, and the moral dilemma presented by the scenario. The movie contains graphic depiction of physical torture...electrical shock, fingernail removal, mutilation. They toss in a little waterboarding too.

    I thought the movie was fantastic, and wondered why a movie with such big names wasn't in theaters. Turns out it was a big mess as far as production, studios going under, not being able to secure advertising rights, etc. Their loss is our gain. It's a buck at RedBox.

    Seriously, if you're at all interested about the current affairs concerning U.S. military interrogation techniques, Gitmo, the War on Terror, or American extremists, this movie was entertaining and downright thought-provoking. I'm not vouching for its military or technical veracity, but the underlying moral issues are very real, IMO.

    I would recommend this movie, but not to anyone squeamish about physical violence!
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    I've isolated myself from mainstream media too much (or advertisers aren't working hard enough) since I hadn't heard about LawnMM's choice - Inception - or this film.

    A dreamscape film sounds like good fun, and from your description this sounds sounds well worth the time if for a different mindset. Films that makes you think? What a concept. I'll be checking out both now.

    Thanks for the recommendations



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