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    Could this mean iphone will be joining it?

    Verizon Wireless to sell Apple’s Wi-Fi iPad starting October 28 « Boy Genius Report

    And it just got interesting, folks. Starting October 28th, Apple’s iPad will kick into hyperdrive distribution and be available at Verizon Wireless retail locations. The Wi-Fi model will be bundled with a MiFi 2200 and cost you $20/month for 1GB of data usage. Pricing is set for $630, $730, and $830 respectively. Verizon will also simply sell the device independently as well so that is another distribution point Apple just locked in. Well, now that Verizon and Apple have a formal working relationship, we suppose this is the start of things to come? Hopefully. Full press release after the break!
    The rumors that have been posted could be coming true. I'm not an iphone fanboy (ahem...cough...Bob Loblaw, Second Chance, cough cough) at all, but the competition will benefit everyone.
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    The iphone is a nice phone, I have the iphone4, but after you jail break it, it becomes a wicked awesome phone............;-)
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