I recently got the speakers for a surround sound system (for free), and need to get a receiver. I have 4 speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer, so I guess I need a 5.1. I want to hook up a samsung HDMI compatible TV, a playstation 3, and a DVD player, as well as the cable box.

The TV has a digital optical out.
The playstation is currently hooked up to the TV via the HDMI, but also has a av multi-out and a optical digital out.
The DVD player has an audio out (RCA male jack), and is hooked to the TV via RCA cables.
The cable box is hooked up to the TV via HDMI.

I was looking at the pioneer vsk-520-k. If I'm understanding how this will work properly, the cable box and playstation will only be hooked up via the HDMI cable to the receiver, and the receiver to the TV via HDMI out, and that will take care of all of the audio signals both to and from the TV, cable box, and playstation. The dvd player outputs will go to the receiver instead of the TV, and the signal will be sent to the TV that way.

If I do all that, will I additionally need to use the digital out (rca) on the DVD player, as well as the optical digital outs on the TV/cable box or the playstation 3, or will all 5.1 channels be sent through the HDMI cables and the other audio cables?