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    "America's Most Wanted" canceled after 23 years

    With your call, the bad guys fall,” the host and producer John Walsh likes to say, reminding his viewers that he’s working in partnership with them — and with law enforcement — to capture fugitives. He says the show has assisted in 1,149 captures since its premiere in 1988, an average of one a week. But the weekly broadcasts of “America’s Most Wanted” are almost up, at least on Fox, which said on Monday that it was demoting the show to quarterly specials, starting in the fall. Mr. Walsh was caught off guard by the effective cancellation; he said in an interview on Tuesday afternoon that he was planning to seek other outlets for the show. “I really have to weigh all my options,” he said.
    But it was lack of profit, perhaps tied to that erosion — not lack of popularity — that Fox cited in announcing its decision to reduce the show’s footprint. Kevin Reilly, the president of entertainment for Fox, told reporters in a conference call on Monday that the program had not turned a profit for “many years.” Later he told advertisers at a presentation in New York that the network was “evolving our relationship” with Mr. Walsh.
    More here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/18/ar...ts-future.html

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    I never really watched the show but sad to see it go. I hear they are already trying to bring it back, though...
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    That is very disappointing....
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    Someone else will likely pick it up. They have caught a lot of bad guys.
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