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Thread: Transformers 3

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    Transformers 3

    Went to see Transformers 3 the other day. It was very good. Once the action started it was relentless and EPIC! The special effects were off the hook and the story was great. This movie is pretty badass.

    Be cautious on taking children. There was a lot of cursing. The new eye candy (Megan Fox was fired) is introduced ass first and there is discussion with her and the Shia Labouf's character about their "relationship."

    The violence was a bit more intense than previous movies. It was easier to see the robots destroyed because they were mechanical. Now they have fluid that looks like blood spray out when they are ripped apart. It's easier to anthropomorphize them and it might make it more intense for little ones to handle their deaths.

    There's a couple critical briefing points you should prepare the kids for (like the death of a character) but they are major spoilers, if you want them PM me.

    I will consider watching this at home with my kids when I can FFW through some of the sexual content and mute some of the cussing.
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    Saw this yesterday in 3D. After the intro, a kid in the theater piped up with "Nice!" and then the female lead was introduced, panty-clad ass first (as previously reported) and I leaned over to Hubby and echoed the sentiment.

    Overall, not bad. Decent action, good funny bits, Leonard Nimoy, etc etc.

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