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    Upstart Unthink wants to become the new anti-Facebook

    Call it "Occupy Facebook." Or, perhaps, "UnOccupy Facebook."
    Hoping to capitalize on frustrations with the social networking giant, not to mention some of the anti-corporate sentiment bubbling up on Wall Street and beyond, entrepreneurs have launched an upstart site called Unthink.
    The Tampa, Florida-based startup wants to be everything that Facebook and rival Google+ are not -- and it has the manifesto and sassy YouTube video to prove it.
    "I couldn't wait to tell my story. I couldn't believe that all this was free," says an actress in the video, strutting through Bohemian city streets in an off-the-shoulder T-shirt with the words "Wild and Free" scrawled on it. "But I never knew that I'd be part of some damn puppet show -- that you thought you could own me. Well, you can't own me!"
    Later, she confronts a guy in a Google+ T-shirt and another hoodie-wearing character with a striking resemblance to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
    More here: Upstart Unthink wants to become the new anti-Facebook - CNN.com

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    Can't wait for someone to come up with" Occupy Railroad Tracks".

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    -Ex-Sheriff Martin Howe to Will Kane in "High Noon"

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    It's vaporware now but it's called Diaspora. If they ever get it going it is the privacy version of social networking...
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