I know there's already an Android thread but I want to specifically discuss getting a new phone.

This is an excellent article that discusses Android phones and the different price points they come in. When you are looking for a new phone and you see a free Android phone being offered on contract, think about this.

Just because it's "free" with a contract doesn't mean it's bad -a friend just got the X2 for free and it's a nice phone. But do your homework and BUYER BEWARE! Chances are that "free" phone isn't any better than a first generation Android phone from 2009 (but is now struggling to run a more robust version of Android that what was available in 2009.)

Why to never "just go with the free one"AndroidGuys

So please listen when when you hear Android fanboys like me raving about how awesome Android devices are, how much better they are than iPhones, how much more they can do, or any of those things that I'm sure you've heard us go on about at some point or another. Just know that we're not saying that you should go out and buy the cheapest phone just because there's a little green Android on the info plaque at the store. Android is a lot of awesome things, but it is not magic, and it will not transform a low-end piece of junk into something that can rival the quality of a $600 iPhone.

So when you ask what phone to get on Verizon, and I say, "Get yourself a Droid 3," that does not mean you should go look around at the store to see what is prettiest. You asked me for a reason, so please don't blame me when you are stuck with an LG Ally that can't even play Angry Birds without force closing you to death. If you're trying to decide between an iPhone and an Android, you need to look at Androids that are going to cost about the same amount as the iPhone. I promise, you'll be glad you did.
Read the whole article for some more good points as well as price/hardware comparison.