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    Anonymous hacker group steals British LEOs email addresses to email them with request for support

    Police are investigating after internet hacking group
    Anonymous “compromised” the security of a web forum and obtained the private email addresses of officers.

    In a message addressed to “members of our U.K. police and armed forces”, they told officers and servicemen to “stand with us” in an upcoming campaign.

    The message, sent to officers who had registered with a police-related internet forum, said in part: “We call on you to do the right thing for once and stand with us, not against us, as we are doing this for YOUR benefit too.“Under your uniform you are one of us and we are you. United we stand and can make this world a better place for all of us.“We are not against you, only against the evil system that you defend, and we appeal to your consciences to stop protecting the traitors and banksters, and protect us from them instead.”The message, asking recipients to join a day of action next month, ends: “Brothers in arms, join us and end wars and poverty. United we stand.”

    Read more: Anonymous Hacked Into Private Accounts Of Police Officers And Sent Them Emails - Business Insider

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    Every time those illiterate idiots post something publicly I'm further convinced they are 15 year old stoners.
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