Ben Vienneau and his brother-in-law, a police officer, arranged for Belyea to get pulled over for a “10-29”, or in layman’s terms, a marriage proposal in progress.
The officer told Belyea that she had $2,000 in parking tickets and she was facing 30 days in jail.She was sitting in the back of the police car crying when her boyfriend approached the car and the officer offered her an “alternative.""Ben and I have come to an agreement where we’ve agreed to waive the fine and let you go if you take his hand in marriage,” the officer said.
Belyea said yes, got out of the cop car, accepted the ring and hugged her fiancé.
The officer spoke to Vienneau at one point during the ruse, because he felt he was taking it too far, so they cut it short.

Fortunately for Vienneau, it still concluded with a happy ending.Now the engaged couple hope the popularity of their YouTube video will help them win a radio contest where the prize is a $20,000 wedding in St. Andrews for next July.