On the Italian version of The Voice, a singing nun, Sister Cristina Scuccia, got all four of the judges to turn their chairs with her rendition of the Alicia Keyes song, “No One.” She gave a show-stopping
, bringing tears to the eyes of one of the judges, the tattooed rapper 3-Ax.
Sister Scuccia, 25, with her head covered, dressed in a black nun’s dress, and wearing a cross necklace, assured the four judges that, yes, she was “truly a sister.” She said she was there to share her
, and added: “I am here to evangelize.”
Sister Cristina Scuccia took Pope Francis literally when she heard that he had told the nuns “to come out” of their convents, the better to disseminate the word of God to the people.
Music, like love, art, and math, is an universal language, so Sister Scuccia hit upon the idea of auditioning for The Voice to attract potentially the largest audience she could reach, with the hopes of leading them — eventually, anyway — to the Lord.In the United States, the big news about The Voice is that Christina Aguilera is pregnant and Cee Lo Green is leaving the show. While interesting to fans of the hit NBC series, that news has been overshadowed by the
voice of the singing nun, Sister Cristina Scuccia.
The Voice of Italy’s biography of Sister Scuccia says that she had always wanted to become a singer, that it was her “childhood dream.” As of 2008, Sister Cristina Scuccia was a “non-believer, and against the Church.”Cristina Scuccia, seemingly by chance, found herself in a music hall which the Sisters of the Ursuline Holy Order had organized. While in attendance there, Cristina felt moved by the Spirit of God, and that led to her decision to become a nun.
Nun Sister Scuccia Sings Alicia Keyes Song on The Voice (Video)