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    Murder Not Suicide

    Gotham murder: Illegal killed Adrienne Shelly, not Suicide
    By Stone Martindale Nov 8, 2006, 18:27 GMT

    Illegal immigrant Diego Pillco, a construction worker confessed to killing actress Adrienne Shelly last week during a noise dispute, was arraigned in Criminal Court and held without bail yesterday.

    Pillco is a 19 year old illegal immigrant from Ecuador, who told the police that he had "punched Shelly and, fearing she was dead, staged a suicide scene by hanging her from a shower rod." Reported the New York Post.

    The Gothamist reports "Manhattan assistant district attorney Marit DeLozier said that Shelly died from 'compression to the neck,' not the punch, meaning she was probably just unconscious when she was hanged. Pillco did not enter a plea and was placed under suicide watch when remanded."

    The New York Times and New York Post both have more detailed descriptions of how the fight may have started.

    The Post speculated: "The actress told Pillco - who speaks little English - to be quiet by putting a finger to her mouth and saying, "Shhhh," a source said.

    Pillco yelled at her in Spanish to get out, descended from the ladder, picked up a hammer and pounded the floor with it before again ordering her to leave.

    Pillco, who is at most an inch taller than the 5-foot-2 Shelly, then shoved her out of the apartment and closed the door. But Shelly reopened the door and slapped his face before heading back upstairs, sources said."

    "Pillco followed Shelly upstairs into her apartment, where she yelled at him to leave, and called him a 'son of a bitch.' " Reports the Post.

    Law-enforcement sources said he may have hit her several times, and that she became unconscious.

    A police source told the Times, "[Pillco] to stage this thing because he is trying to make it go away." Another investigator told the Post that Shelly "didn't go easily" during the fight, leaving scratches on Pillco's face (Pillco explained the scratches to the other construction workers by saying he got into a fight with movers.)

    The Daily News that Shelly's husband, Andrew Ostroy, who discovered her body was insistent that she did not commit suicide, "is still in shock. I don't know if he'll ever get over this."

    Newsday reports that the contractor who hired Pillco expressed condolences to Ostroy and added about Pillco, "He just seemed to be another hard worker immigrant. We cannot comprehend how a regular working day turned into a crime scene."
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    That's terrible.

    May she R.I.P.
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    A murdering illegal immigrant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OFK View Post
    A murdering illegal immigrant?
    What you don't say?????!!!!! OMG I thought they just came here for a better life????
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    Part of the thing with this is most of the illegals from across our southern border have very different cultural views in respect to women. Domestic violence isn't even nodded at unless the woman dies, in which case the guy still has a great chance of getting off with a slap on the wrist.

    Doing this to a woman he's not related to makes you wonder how he treats the ones he believes he has power over.
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